Do you know there are sometimes
situations when the skin
cannot protect itself?

Let us help your skin

Delicate cleansing

Everyday care is carried out to keep the skin clean. Dry and prone to irritation skin requires special care and use of appropriate cleansing products.


Seni Care skin care products are ideal for sensitive skin thanks to their very safe formulas, with skin-friendly pH (~5.5). Seni Care safety is confirmed by positive results of dermatological tests conducted by independent laboratories.


Apart from everyday hygenic treatments, the skin needs some other actions, which would help to regenerate the epidermis, stimulate blood microcirculation and bring the skin relief.

Effective protection

Bedsores prophylaxis is very important in the case of people who use absorbent products to manage their incontinence – this concerns the bedridden people in particular.

They are effective but still delicate. Perfect in special home care situations.

Comfort of care

People who are exposed to skin irritation and bedsores require all the nursing to be carried out with special attention and care.

Balanced skin care

Using Seni breathable absorbent products together with Seni Care skin care ones provides a more skin-friendly environment.

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