Active ingredients in Seni Care skincare products – what are they and what are their properties?

Are you looking for specialist skin and haircare products, but you don't know what you should pay particular attention to? Are you wondering how to navigate the maze of various products and find those that will be best suited to your skin, even if it’s very demanding? You most likely already know that before purchasing a product, you should check its composition and look for active ingredients. Keep reading to find out what these ingredients are and which ones can be found in Seni Care products.


What are active ingredients?

Active ingredients, also called active substances, are chemical compounds that are found in cosmetic products and actively influence the condition of the skin, as opposed to functional ingredients which are responsible for the physical and chemical properties of the product. There are various categories of active ingredients, including those that:

Active ingredients can be found in the INCI ingredient list of the product between: 


What active ingredients can be found in Seni Care skincare products?

Seni Care cosmetics are specialist products which are particularly recommended for bedridden patients with urinary incontinence. However, they are also a perfect solution for those with dry and sensitive skin. Our products have been very carefully developed and contain only the highest quality active ingredients, such as:

Of course, this is not a complete list of ingredients you can find in Seni Care skincare products. We also use many other substances, such as vitamins, extracts and plant-based oils, which help restore softness and a healthy appearance to the skin. Those ingredients make caring for the patients easier and more enjoyable, as well as help prevent the formation of bedsores. 


Don’t buy random products. Choose those products which contain proven and precious active ingredients, so that the care you provide can produce the desired results. See for yourself!







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