Basic and supplementary care for bedridden patients

Caring for bedridden, chronically ill or elderly patients is a huge responsibility and one of the most difficult experiences in life. Fortunately, there are many specialised skincare products designed for bedridden patients which make it easier to complete everyday tasks. Are you wondering which ones you should choose? Will basic products suffice? See for yourself!


People who remain in bed for long periods of time are prone to many dermatological problems. Due to its uninterrupted contact with fabric, the skin produces a lot of sweat, which is an ideal environment for fungi and bacteria to grow. This quickly results in irritation and even skin damage. Furthermore, if the body is exposed to prolonged pressure, blood circulation in the tissues is impaired, which results in the formation of painful bedsores. Therefore, it is crucial to properly care for chronically ill patients using the right products. 


Basic skincare in the bedridden, elderly and chronically ill patients – what does it involve?

Skincare in elderly, bedridden or chronically ill patients who remain in bed for long periods of time involves two basic steps – cleansing and protecting the skin. In this case, it is best to choose products with carefully developed formulas, such as:


However, a basic skincare routine may not be enough, especially if you want to prevent serious skin problems.


Supplementary skincare in elderly and chronically ill patients – why should you follow it?

Even if you provide your patient with a regular skincare routine, sometimes their skin becomes uncomfortably tight, dry, itchy and flaky. These unpleasant symptoms develop particularly in those patients who remain in bed for long periods of time, who are unable to move and change position independently, as well as in elderly patients, whose skin becomes thin, sensitive and susceptible to damage over time. 

In such cases, you should introduce a supplementary skincare routine for chronically ill patients. We recommend products characterised by a rich formula, such as:

Taking proper care of the body and keeping it in good condition is very important in the patients who remain in bed for long periods of time. Products that complement the basic skincare routine can help restore the optimal condition and comfort to the skin, and consequently improve the patient's wellbeing. As a carer, you won't have to worry about recurring irritation or other complaints that can sometimes persist for months. 

Take care of your bedridden patient’s skin in the best possible way and the daily tasks will become much easier and more pleasant for both of you. Try to keep this in mind. 

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